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  • APPLE151.89-1.50 - -0.98%
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  • France Telecom
  • FACEBOOK170.54-0.57 - -0.33%
  • FTSE100
  • DAX30
  • CAC405281.29+14.00 - +0.27%
  • S&P500
  • australian dollar - us dollar0.7961
  • us Dollar - Japan Yen1.1951
  • euro - us dollar111.9580
  • euro - Pound sterling0.8855
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Long Term Trading

forex currency trading

Long-term trading, just like short-term trading, can only be explained in relation to the expiry time. A long period of time on this market means that the price of the asset you have chosen has more time to reach the value you have predicted. Although the risks that long-term trading implies are higher, the profits can be substantial. It all depends on the strategy you decide to follow and the amount you are willing to invest.



Day Trading

Day trading works on a simple concept: you hold a position for the entire day and the trade ends when the market closes. Although a day is not an awful lot of time, it is sufficient to see swings of prices for all the assets which can bring you important profits.


As the period is moderate the level of risk is not at a dreadful level and brokers also place at your disposal tools that help you determine how much profit will a certain trade bring and how much you will lose if your prediction turns to be incorrect.

A significant advantage of day binary options trading is the fact that you can handle more than one invest at a time. This means that whatever losses you may suffer can be covered by the profits made from the rest of the trades.

However, you cannot jump to investing in day trading until you have good knowledge about the market and about the assets. Studying their prices volatility and the liquidity is a key factor in this long-term type of trading.

30 Days, 6 Months, 1 Year Trading

The longer the period of time the bigger the chances so that the price of an asset modifies drastically. It is precisely this drastic modification that can get you great profit and it is highly unlikely to happen on short term. A strategy that could pave the way towards large profits involves a prediction that is outside the strike price.


It could be risky, but if you pick up the signals from the financial news it is not hard to end up with a contract that expires in the money. Of course, the investments should be kept to a minimum. You have to keep your wits about you and trade as rationally as possible; letting yourself taken by the dream of gaining impressive profits could lead to massive losses.

Always keep in mind the fact that a longer period of time and a solid plan can represent the perfect recipe that makes the difference between a small and large profit.

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