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Google: Trading a World Renowned Brand

stocks trading

Getting to know the right stocks to invest is very critical. It is very important that you understand how the company you are giving your investment to, makes a substantial amount of its money. The first thing to observe is the trend within the markets. But then it even the stable markets become volatile, especially in time of unstable economic and financial activities in a particular place. Stock market is based on stock certificates issued by firms such as GOOGLE, Yahoo, IBM, Apple and Microsoft. One of the most influential firms on the internet is Google.

A globally recognized brand

The market remains volatile but certain stocks like this firm have weathered the storm quite well. It is one of the most striking one to trade. With news about its acquisitions, developments and record profits, it has been fairly easy to predict for both short and long term investors. The very name of the organization has earned global recognition and plays an important role in the daily lives of the global consumer. The stock symbol for Google Incorporated is GOOG.

The initial public offering or IPO of this firm has been creating waves in the market ever since they announced their revenue. After starting out with modest beginnings, it made its IPO in the market on the NASDAQ in 2004. It trades under the ticker GOOG. Their share price rise up to 17% after its first day of trading and marked a major success as a result of its IPO.

As the growth of internet world, so is this organization.  It is committed to continuous progress and is constantly looking for ways to develop its services in line with customer needs. As its technology advanced, so does the attention the financial media place on the organization. With its increasing share of market, it has encountered a number of critics over privacy and regulatory concerns.

The recent dealings of the firm regarding IPO is expected to raise an enormous figure of 2.7 billion dollars thereby resulting in one of the biggest deals made this year. Experts suggest that this kind of IPO handling by the firm will not gain early profits but instead it will be a curve that will be improving itself in the later stages.

Consistency in the stock market

Google’s peaks and dips have a habit of being more prone to volatility and market forces. It is incessantly performing because it has not only emerged as the market leader in search engine queries per house hold, but also because it has exhibited a robust growth pattern due to smart acquisitions such as feedburner, Android, Pyra Labs,  Applied Semantics and a lot more.

Applied semantics is the team that developed Adsense and Pyra Labs is the company that created the Blogger.  YouTube was also bought recently and now operates as a subsidiary.  Google Ads is also heavily weighs of the firms revenues, approximately 98% of revenues come from their ads either on the site or a partner site and either in the US or international.

Other acquisitions have been of private companies and therefore they are not required to disclose the financials of the purchase. It has been extremely smart in the sense that they were able to leverage their unique position as leaders in the web search industry to predict and to a certain degree influence and create market demand in untapped niches.

So why does it attract so many traders?

Traders are attracted by Google’s policy of innovation and ongoing conquests create much market volatility. The traders understand how to take advantage of their media coverage which provides the necessary indicators for its stock’s movement.

Trading with GOOG in binary option will never require or obligate any trader to buy the share but to invest money in the price movement of the company based on the predictions. The dynamic shares like this offer an interesting platform to execute trades and your overall options strategy. Experts feel that investing in it will be profitable on the long run but the initial phases might be a little risky for new comers.

After undertaking sufficient information about Google, you can buy stocks easily without much hassle and start trading now!

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