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France Telecom: Investing the French Telecommunications Giant

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France Telecom is the third largest European telecommunications company and one of the largest in continental Africa. It has experienced a continued expansion and growth in terms of record profits from sales and revenues. As of recent estimation (2011), it has 167.4 million mobile phone customers and 14.7 million broadband Internet customers.

Among France Telecom’s subsidiaries are the following: France Telecom subsidiaries: The Company operates through the network of subsidiaries, such as FT Espana, Orange Caraibes, Orange Catalunya, Orange Dominicana, Orange Romania and affiliated companies, such as Sonatel, Korek Telecom, Medi Telecom and Orange Tunisie, among others.

Services offered by France Telecom

A variety of platform services rendered by France Telecom include: cloud computing, customer relationship management, hosting, messaging, security solutions, infrastructure applications management, and machine-to-machine services; collaborative services comprising consulting, integration, and project management; and sales of equipment associated with integration services.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Euronext Paris Exchange under the symbol FTE. It is also a component firm of the CAC 40 market index, a testament to the strong performance of the overall French economy. Among the countries that France Telecom extends their services are France, Spain, Poland and the UK. Focusing on global markets, it has expanded its networks in America, Japan and Hong Kong. France Telecom also has business ventures in development laboratories and capital services.

How to invest France Telecom in binary options

As in every investment, trading with France Telecom in binary options involve some risks that need to be managed. As an investor, you will have exposure to various international economies when you engage in buying and selling France Telecom stocks. Aside from this, your strategies will be tested to maximize your profits. Here are some of the stocks risks that you need to consider when you trade with France Telecom:

Competition in market share

As there are other carriers that have recently developed and have taken a share of the market, their presence poses a challenge to FTE. Outside pressure exerted from these firms may subsequently lower the company’s margin for profits. Some notable names in direct competition with the FTE are Telecom Italia, the Bouygues, and the Vodafone Group.

Employee pressure

France Telecom has its share of criticism amidst intriguing controversies.  Current news point to a number of implemented cost-cutting measures, much to the dismay of its employees.  Some have resorted to taking their own lives, citing difficult work settings and financial complications. Pressure from workers unions may take a toll to its stock value.

Fixed line services reduced

France has seen a steady increase in mobile subscribers, with a significant reduction to customers subscribed to fixed line services. Although its contemporary networks are experiencing the same fate, this may weigh in on FTE’s asset value if this continues.

Regulatory pressures

As in other countries situated in Europe, termination rates apply once services from mobile networks are severed.  Lately, reductions in fees have been applied. This may cause fluctuating prices that may also be attributed from the changing interests of the trading public.

Profiting with binary options

As the largest telecommunications service provider in France, buying and selling stocks in FTE presents a valued opportunity as its sustained increase in revenues may go unnoticed for the short term; however, in the long run and as announced by the company itself, its 1.37% increase will more than double revenues by the year 2015.

France Telecom has a rich history that has made a solid global footprint among international players in the industry it occupies. With an increasing pressure from its competition, as well as rising consumer expectations, FTE has delivered its products and services amidst challenges and opportunities, always staying ahead of its position in this sector.

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