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Apple: Trading the Second Largest Technology Company

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Apple is considered to be one of the largest technology firms in the world today pioneering in various innovative products starting from its very first computer and now a selection of advanced and state-of-the-art electronics that attracts various consumer segments. This has further established the Apple brand in the industry today and continues to be bullish in the stock market.


The background of Apple

The Apple brand has been in the market for more than three decades and since it has started the iPod lineup of products it has continued on to be one of the market leaders in the technology sector. From being just a simple brand of computer developer, its organization has grown into a big corporation developing various electronic products and computer software.

The Macintosh computer was one of its groundbreaking novelties that was targeted for home use offering a personal computer that later would advance into Apple’s most powerful consumer desktop offerings that are in demand in the market today. Its desktop lineup includes the Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro.

Its portable computer lineup is also best sellers like the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. They also offer corporate solutions with their servers like the Mac Mini Server and Mac Pro Server. These computers have a huge following and are even pitted against Microsoft’s lineup of Windows PC’s.

Apple’s growing list of innovative products

The Mac however was not their best product yet. Years later, the company that was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced a line of digital music players called the iPod which altered the landscape for portable audio players.

The product became a huge hit especially for audiophile and as development of this gadget progressed; the software’s look and feel was continually refined and developed by Apple to further increase its consumer base. Since then the brand has been recognized globally as it continues to introduce a number of product innovations eventually leading to the development of its powerful line of smartphones called the iPhone which even made it a more commanding brand not only in the digital music industry but also in the mobile phone sector.

Consumer demands for this state-of-the-art phone has gone leaps and bounds and made Apple the largest mobile handset vendor in the world in terms of revenue, beating the mobile giant Nokia. The iPhone also made its proprietary software called iTunes a household name and was later on developed as an online digital media store offering millions of songs, videos, ebooks and apps for download online with a fee.

Its revenue alone amounts into billions of dollars making it one of the most popular music vendor in the world. The iPhone line however didn’t stop them from making new products that would solidify its name in the consumer electronics industry. Later on it introduced its much awaited lineup of tablet computers call the iPad which is touted to be the new generation of mobile computers. Consumer usage of these tablets has continued to increase transforming the way people access information and the internet on a daily basis.

With these product releases, Apple’s dominance in the computer hardware, software, consumer electronics and digital distribution industry is seen to strengthen thereby giving investors the opportunity to convert them into sizeable profits as well.

Trading Apple with binary options

Apple’s common shares are invested on the NASDAQ under the with the ticker symbol AAPL. Stocks of this kind definitely offer a profitable vehicle for investing in binary options and with proper market analysis and use of the right tools, the investment returns are truly enormous and can be a stable source of future revenues.

Each time that this technology firm introduces a new lineup of products, it is expected to see oscillations on its market value. All you need is access to the right tools and a good comprehension on how fresh product promotions can affect the value of a stock. This is where you could employ an efficient strategy to transform these stock price movements into significant financial profits.

With the use of a dependable trading platform you’ll be able to make more efficient trades based on real-time information and data that only comes from a trusted broker. So do you think Apple’s stock value will go up or down? Open an account at a reliable binary options trading platform and start trading so you can profit from its current price movement!

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