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Facebook Binary Option

facebook - binary options

It is possible that once you have gained some experience in the binary options trading field you will want to try your skills by trading with other types of assets, such as social network shares.

Without a doubt you have thought about Facebook. If you are asking yourself whether it is possible for you to trade Facebook options, then you will be happy to find out that on the 29th of May, last year the FB stock was available for trading. That is to say you can use options to speculate on the direction of the shares.

FB Capitalization

Although the giant has 412.2 million shares to offer the investors are not taking the dive? Why? Simple, the price is too high. This only tells us that there are no options to trade with until someone wants to sell or buy one and even when they begin to do so it will take a serious amount of time to turn into a big deal.

Of course, it is almost a year since Facebook placed its shares on the market and the general idea has already been formed but it is wise that you do not begin to trade until you know all the aspects of your asset. Only after you have thoroughly studied the movement of the Facebook shares on the stock will you be able to wisely decide if trading with this asset is worth the effort.

Opinions are shared

There are many who think that Facebook makes a good candidate for options trading, but a lousy investment. However, with the price of the shares fluctuating impressively from hour to hour no general knowledge will be able to help you make the right prediction. Not without the feeling that you were incredibly lucky, at least.

You need to think that plenty of investors will consider alternative social networks to invest in and that increases the risk of turning your trading process into a modern Russian roulette.

Bearing all these in mind and making a thorough analysis of the facts you will be faced with the dilemma of trading FB binary options and taking a risk (even though you did your homework properly) or not trading at all, directing your interest towards a different asset.

It is true that making predictions about prices always involves a risk and this business is definitely not for the faint of heart, but having the feeling that you have no control over what you are doing is a different thing altogether.

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