• GOOGLE928.53-3.92 - -0.42%
  • APPLE151.89-1.50 - -0.98%
  • VODAFONE28.64+0.02 - +0.07%
  • France Telecom
  • FACEBOOK170.54-0.57 - -0.33%
  • FTSE100
  • DAX30
  • CAC405281.29+14.00 - +0.27%
  • S&P500
  • australian dollar - us dollar0.7961
  • us Dollar - Japan Yen1.1951
  • euro - us dollar111.9580
  • euro - Pound sterling0.8855
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binary options strategies

Binary options’ trading is, in short, the prediction of a certain asset’s price. This implies that the better you know your asset, the more chances you have to become a successful trader. One of the most well known and traded category is that of the currencies, also known as the forex.

Understanding the Forex Market

If you have any experience in trading currencies on the forex market you will meet no difficulties in trading forex binary options. In fact, they are so much alike that once you have understood the first you can transfer the knowledge to the other and already know what the influential factors are and what signals you must follow.

“Currencies” is a very generous category as it allows the choosing of any currency pair. For that reason the variables change from trade to trade and the risk factors vary a lot. There are, however, some factors that you must consider, regardless the currency pair you take an interest in trading.

Elements That Influence Currency Trading

One such important element in binary options trading, in general, as well as currency trading, in particular, is the analysis. This is a technical factor that uses indices, charts and candlesticks to inform you about the great movement that take place in the fascinating field of currencies. If you disregard the analytical factor the accuracy of your predictions will rely, mainly, on luck.

You can also choose to trade currencies using the news. Although this is not easy and mostly recommended to the more experienced binary options trader, it is possible if you pay attention to the influential elements. They are called fundamental elements and are represented by interest rates, inflation reports, employment data, GDP data, etc.

It is important to line up your profit expectations with the currency pairs and choose according to the profit/risk ratio. A reliable broker that will not simply make the trade inaccessible when currency pair responds best to news is also something to look after. Nevertheless, the category of currencies is so offering that any binary options trader will be able to find a pair to trade in a profitable manner. Last, but not least, regardless of the class of the asset you wish to trade, never go about it without developing a strategy.

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