• GOOGLE928.53-3.92 - -0.42%
  • APPLE151.89-1.50 - -0.98%
  • VODAFONE28.64+0.02 - +0.07%
  • France Telecom
  • FACEBOOK170.54-0.57 - -0.33%
  • FTSE100
  • DAX30
  • CAC405281.29+14.00 - +0.27%
  • S&P500
  • australian dollar - us dollar0.7961
  • us Dollar - Japan Yen1.1951
  • euro - us dollar111.9580
  • euro - Pound sterling0.8855
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Stockpair Review

Whether you’re looking to make a short-term profit on stocks for some extra cash or looking to settle in for a long-haul investment as a way of supplementing your income, Stockpair has some of the most flexible and convenient trading opportunities available on the Internet. Since its inception four years ago, Stockpair has grown to be the number one online stock company of choice for thousands of traders all over the world, including traders based in the United States.

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Traders can invest for a day, a week, a month or several years and enjoy a generous 85% return with Stockpair on every unique trade. With a choice of eight different markets to trade in, you’ll easily find a way to boost your trading experience and increase your levels of expertise in the stock market.

Support at Stockpair

Stockpair offers a fair, safe and reputable service with a strong emphasis on customer security and satisfaction. Newcomers to the online trading company’s website can open a customer account in just minutes and begin trading with an initial investment of a low $200. For those doing this for the first time, Stockpair’s 24 hour customer service team are skilled in several commonly spoken languages and are on standby to assist with any query. Choose from four Stockpair accounts offering different membership benefits based on your preferred way to trade and take advantage of account features that will help you make the most of your investments such as cash backs.

For those traders just starting out and unfamiliar with how binary options or pair options operate, Stockpair offers useful guides and tutorials. These are simple to follow and can ensure that you’ll understand the basics of online stock trading before you start out. As you increase your prowess, you’ll be able to access more advanced material on how to make your stocks work for you. If you’re a seasoned trader, you’ll enjoy the ability to make trades up to a maximum $50,000 using a range of convenient funds transfer methods including Moneybookers, credit and debit cards and bank wire transfers.

Peace of Mind

Along with its reputation for excellence, Stockpair also offers its customers peace of mind. The online trading platform developed by Stockpair eliminates the risk some traders have exposed themselves to in the past by downloading software to laptops and mobile phones. Stockpair’s trading platform operates by browser which means no download is necessary. This prevents valuable information from being accessed via malicious software and transferred from devices.
With a range of features to suit newbies and experienced online traders, Stockpair is recommended to all online stock traders and offers value for money and a sound base from which to make investments.

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