• GOOGLE928.53-3.92 - -0.42%
  • APPLE151.89-1.50 - -0.98%
  • VODAFONE28.64+0.02 - +0.07%
  • France Telecom
  • FACEBOOK170.54-0.57 - -0.33%
  • FTSE100
  • DAX30
  • CAC405281.29+14.00 - +0.27%
  • S&P500
  • australian dollar - us dollar0.7961
  • us Dollar - Japan Yen1.1951
  • euro - us dollar111.9580
  • euro - Pound sterling0.8855
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Why Trade Binary Options

Make profits with binary options

Trading binary options has become more and more popular and the reasons behind that are simple and obvious. It is no longer a process that requires the assistance of a broker who charges his services costly, it is exciting, easy to learn and most importantly, they can bring a high yield return.

How Does the Trading Work?

Whether you have a background in trading or not you will easily understand that you do not have to be a financial wizard to predict the risks involved. All you have to do is  obtain good information about the asset you are interested in investing and then bet on its price going either up or down.

Why Should You Trade Binary Options?

Even though you are a beginner you can benefit from a series of bonuses while also building up your experience in the field. If you are already familiar with the binary options trading you will notice that the high percentage payouts represent an advantage of this relatively new form of investment.

Another good reason for you to start trading binary options today is the 15% net return in case your prediction for the movement of the price is wrong. Should your prediction be accurate your profit will be of 70 to 80%. In other words, the chances of you earning are higher than those of losing since you can always protect 15% of your investment.

Where to Start — The One Hour Expiry Option

If you are new in the binary options trading and you want to take it slow you can begin by betting a small amount of money and choosing the one hour expiry option. As you may have inferred, in an hour your asset cannot fluctuate too much, thus increasing your chances of adding 70% – 80% to your investment. This represents, without a doubt, the best way to invest reducing the risks to a minimum.

There cannot be an easier way nor another market that can allow you to earn money at such a quick pace. The steps are simple: choose an asset, click on Call (price goes up) or Put (price goes down) and then wait for the time to expire. Therefore, you do not need to be an ace in economics, all it takes is the courage to choose an asset and a good prediction.

Binary Options Free Registration

There are no hidden charges involved in the trading process and, of course, no registration fee. Just make sure you have a stable connection to the internet and you can follow your investment from the comfort of your home. So, start trading with binary options now and convince yourself that this is the best and safest way of increasing your income.

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